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Steve Town's Southern Ontario Thunderbird Club Pic's (Click Here)

A R/H Drive Roadster from Australia (Click Here)

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The best part of this site, and really the only reason for creating it, is to show off your '65 T-Bird.  

Please send me a picture (or a few pictures!) and if possible, a story about the car, where it came from, how you restored it, how you use it, or anything else interesting about it. Iíll add it to this website.  Iím relatively new to web pages, but I plan to create a page, linked to this page, for every entry I receive.  I can scan photos, and will be glad to return them.  Send your entries to: 
John at

or mail them to:
John Bowman 
C/O Citibank
153 E. 53rd Street 
5th Floor
New York, NY 10043

Would you like a email address?  I get a bunch free with this service.  Its a regular POP mail account that you can read and send from using your regular email program, or via a web-based email service.  I can also set it up to just forward to your existing email account (best option).  If you're interested,  email me with your current email address and the email address you want 

and I'll set it up and email you all the information you need to use it.




If you've stumbled onto this page its probably because you either have, or want, a 1965 Thunderbird.

There are plenty of other sites featuring vintage thunderbirds (links). THIS ONE is ONLY FOR 1965s. You'll find lots of pictures of them on this site including:

1965 Thunderbirds